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bioshock infinite   

mass effect   


*thinks of cute person* *smushes face into pillow* *melts*


Amy Adams for Max Mara Timeless is Now Directed by Mario Sorrenti.

Grace Kelly is my fashion icon. There was this regal quality she had and yet there was a down-to-earth quality, as well. She allowed people to see when she was with her children, with her family… a sense of fun, a sense of humor. And yet, she carried that alongside great intelligence.
There are so many things in my life that keep me grounded. One of the things I value the most is nature. If I ever feel overwhelmed… just stepping outside, listening to the birds, feeling the sun, the very basic elements of the earth… all of those things are so special and timeless to me. Timeless to me is authentic. Timeless is now.

amy adams   i am in love   

Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought. Maybe I just wanna be yours.

arctic monkeys   

Coldplay to play in Las Vegas @ the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014 (x)


the devil wears prada   


Fuck goin’ to that party


Dishonored minimalist scenery (Caps by tastytofusoup)



Harry 3/7/14

white lies   AHHHHH